Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Patient Testimonials

Dear Groton Wellness,

I had treatment for ovarian cancer 16 years ago. Following successful conventional treatment, I have explored many alternative therapies, ranging from acupuncture to massage and orthomolecular medicine to yoga. About ten years ago I became interested in holistic dentistry and learned about mercury toxicity.

My husband and I decided then it was important to “invest” in my future by having the doctor remove all the mercury amalgam fillings I had had since the age of 17. Combined with changes in diet and nutrition and other paths to health and healing, I believe this has contributed to the many years I have enjoyed, treatment- and cancer-free.

I am impressed with the programs you are offering through the Wellness Center and the Dental Spa. Congratulations on all you are doing to promote holistic health and healing!

I wanted to add, since I have been coming to see the doctor almost bi-weekly for more than a year and it takes an hour for me to get to your office, that once I figured out that on Route 119 I could get food and household supplies I really began to look forward to the visits: The Natural Market in Groton Center, Spring Brook Farm in Littleton, Trader Joe’s and Shaw’s in Acton. And having the Bistro open in the Wellness Center is the best! I appreciate the gluten-free items, great coffee, and excellent selection.

— Carolyn E., Weston, Massachusetts – February 17, 2010

“Two years ago I was barely able to function [and] was too sick to work. I couldn’t eat anything without major discomfort, I suffered from tremendous anxiety and I couldn’t sleep. A friend suggested I see a doctor at Groton Wellness and think about having my mercury fillings replaced. I saw them and they helped me with that but did so much more. This amazing man figured out right away what was wrong with me – an overgrowth of candida yeast.

“I had heard the word before but never knew what it meant and no one else had ever suggested this to me. I went home, did some research and knew I had found the cause of all my problems and more important – I could now work on getting myself healed.

“It took some time but I am now a very healthy, happy person and I can eat whatever I like. My healing process involved a multi-faceted approach. The first step was getting my mercury fillings replaced and having a root canal tooth pulled at Groton Wellness Dental Spa. Prior to having this work done, I was very anxious and thought the process would be a huge ordeal.

But the doctor was extremely kind, compassionate and gentle and before I knew it, I was all done. Next, I went on a special diet to combat the candida and was treated with classical homeopathy to get back in balance.

“I am so grateful to Groton Wellness for helping me get my life back. I am enjoying life now and working as a classical homeopath to help others get healthy and balanced.”

— Judy Zeltserman, Needham, Massachusetts