Groton Wellness – Massachusetts Bioidentical Hormones

Groton Wellness is the first center of its kind in New England, synergistically focused on combining state-of-the-art Dental Care and Integrative Medicine. We are professionals — in preventative and functional medicine, dental treatment and mercury removal, psychology, nutrition and a host of complementary and wellness therapies — working with you to develop a personal, comprehensive health plan that includes recommendations from both conventional and complementary practices. Helping you achieve balance, this is our mission.

Massachusetts Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Henri Balaguera, M.D., and our staff at Groton Wellness are committed to a holistic, integrative, forward-thinking way to provide medical care tailored to each and every one of you. By integrating different types of wellness services and healing modalities, combined with evidence-based medical practice, we employ the knowledge and wisdom of healers of all time to get to the heart of your specific condition and considered care.

It’s about all of you.

At Groton Wellness, we take a whole-person approach to hormone balance. We consider all of you, and we look for the root causes of any hormonal problem. Many hormone deficiencies or imbalances can be corrected through other lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet or reduction in stress. In addition, the body cannot metabolize hormones (even bioidentical/natural ones) correctly, if the liver detoxification function is impaired, the adrenal glands are fatigued, or the diet is nutritionally deficient. Our clinical assessment and laboratory testing are comprehensive, our recommendations are individualized, and our follow-up is thorough in order to guide you to better overall health, not just hormone balance.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

There are a number of ways to achieve hormonal balance. One of the safest and most natural methods is called bioidentical hormone therapy. This method is used by anti aging doctors to tweak your hormone profile and get it back into balance.

The doctor uses small precise dosages of an anti aging hormone formula to get your system back to a healthy balance where you look and feel much better, and have the energy and optimism you had when you were younger.

The optimization of these hormones requires precise testing to determine baseline levels and follow up testing to determine the results of the anti aging hormone preparations that you have been given. This is all done by a qualified anti aging doctor.

The anti aging doctor who specializes in natural hormone therapy will know which tests to give you and how to read the results. He or she will then write a prescription that will be filled by a compounding pharmacy for your customized anti aging hormone formula.

It really is possible, and it will make you realize that you don’t have to suffer the hormonal deficiency problems of aging, when you can restore healthy hormone levels and really start enjoying your life again!

There are two sides to every story.

Our focus on health and healing is embodied in the design of our Center. Like the two hemispheres of the brain, our practice is housed in two buildings indelibly connected to your overall wellbeing. Consulting among ourselves on the professional side of the team, we confer and partner with you to help meet your specific health and wellness goals for the near term and the long run. We’ve worked hard to make these spaces as open and inviting as possible. Forget the notion of the dreaded “waiting room.” Here, you’ll find a place that offers your senses a much-needed break from the buzz and burrs of modern life.

Treat yourself — we’ll help.

At heart, we are community-based, from our holistic combination of professional practitioners dedicated to your care, to our broad array of wellness treatments, services and offerings.

Each and every one of us at Groton Wellness embodies this fundamental philosophy. We are interested in getting to know all about you, from diet to lifestyle, stressors to de-stressors. Together, by focusing on the details of your life, we can see the big picture of your wellbeing.

What do we treat specifically?

  • Menopause, Bioidentical Hormones
  • Andropause (male menopause)
  • Heavy Metal Poisoning
  • Preconception Holistic Care / Prenatal, Post Natal & Breastfeeding Counseling
  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Autoimmune Diseases, Cardiac, etc)
  • Adjunctive Cancer Support
  • Environmental Pollutants

To help you choose the best fit between your individual needs and our offerings, we are happy to provide a free consultation. During this meeting, your counselor will review your concerns, in depth. She or He will work together with you to discover the most effective means of meeting your goals, in terms of enhanced well being, attention to a particular condition, or recovery from illness. One thing you can count on: We will listen carefully to what you say and try to pinpoint the best approach to satisfying your purpose in coming to Groton Wellness.

Questions? Please call Massachusetts Bioidentical Hormones Specialist,  Henri Balaguera, M.D., with Groton Wellness directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 219 to schedule your FREE 15 min. Phone Consultation to discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.